Warm Drinks For Kids

After the novelty of hot cocoa, coffee, tea and mulled cider has worn off, you may need more ideas for warm drinks for kids. Here are a few ways you can liven up traditional favorites and even create new beverages that will delight kids and adults.

Hot Chocolate Variations – Kids and adults enjoy hot chocolate. Warm milk, chocolate and marshmallows have a way of soothing us. Today packaged hot chocolate mix is available in abundance. There are numerous types and various flavors. Yet there’s something about homemade hot chocolate that warms and soothes a cold, tired body better than anything else.

To give your cocoa a slightly different taste, try adding a piece of caramel, peppermint, or strawberry flavored candy. If you prefer not to use candy, adding a bit of strawberry jelly or a drop of peppermint flavoring may be more to your liking.

Mulled Cider Variations – Apple cider is a great way to warm up kids on a blustery day. Mulled cider gets its warming effect from the blending of spices during heating. Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves are the spices most often used. Mace, ginger, allspice, orange slices, and lemon zest can also bring out the flavor of mulled cider. It’s best to use whole spices to achieve a full flavor. Ground spices may be used, but the taste will differ slightly.

Hot Tea Variations – Tea is one drink that offers a healthy alternative to caffeinated and carbonated drinks. Many varieties of decaffeinated, flavored, herbal, and other teas are available in supermarkets. If you have a preference for black tea (regular tea) you can get the decaffeinated version and add flavors of your choice. For something different try adding pineapple juice, caramel, mint, or a small amount of your favorite jelly.

Hot Coffee Variations – Flavored coffee has been around for ages but you don’t have to buy it from the store. It’s easy and fun to turn regular coffee, decaf for kids, into something special with just a little help from foods and flavors you have in the pantry. Try adding malted milk balls or a spoon of malted milk powder, a bit of brown sugar, a drop of orange flavoring, vanilla flavoring, or a piece of caramel.

Warm Juice Variations – Just as mulled apple cider hits the spot on a cold day, many other juices are just as delicious when warmed. This is a great option if you want to add more fruit to your diet or trying to make something healthy. It’s super easy to warm up the kids with these beverages, especially if you combine their favorite juices into a kind of warm punch. You may even be able to incorporate a juice they won’t usually drink.

The key to livening up traditional warm drinks for kids is to be creative when adding and mixing flavors. If you or the kids need more inspiration, here are a few printable warm drink recipes to get you started.

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