Presto Kitchen Kettle Makes Cooking Easier

When looking for a multi-cooker and steamer, the Presto Kitchen Kettle makes cooking easier. Not only can you deep fry delicious French fries and chicken drumsticks, but you can also steam, roast, blanch, braise, and boil foods. Stews, soups, desserts, and casseroles are also popular dishes that the Kitchen Kettle is able to create.

Just as most people have a basic black suit or dress that will go anywhere, the Kitchen Kettle has a classic, black, non-stick finish which will go with almost any kitchen decor. The stainless steel steamer and fry basket accessory conveniently hooks onto the side of the kettle, which is great for letting extra cooking oil drain from crispy potatoes and other fried items. A “Control Master” heat system easily connects to the kettle, allowing you to adjust the cooking temperature.

The Kitchen Kettle is easy to operate, clean, and care for. It’s ready in no time for a small, last minute meal or a special dinner, planned well in advance. The menu possibilities for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are astounding with this versatile piece of equipment. Best of all, it helps me reduce the time it takes to prepare a meal.

I don’t have to get out all the things needed for traditional deep-frying or steaming. I don’t have to spend time looking for the correct sized pot. The Presto Kitchen Kettle makes it easy for me. I know where I’m going to cook, I just have to decide what I have a taste for, this time.

To help you decide what to cook, a convenient guide and recipe booklet comes with the Kitchen Kettle. This booklet can help you figure out what to make and also show you how to cook it. You can learn how to simmer Chicken Soup Stock and Minestrone Soup; create a traditional Beef Stew or a New England Boiled Dinner; roast meats like beef or pork; prepare Boston Beans and Pork; boil fresh vegetables; whip up homemade Cranberry Sauce; and steam flavorful rice.

Overall, while the recipe book serves as a decent guide to the many different meals you can cook with the Kitchen Kettle, there really is no end to the number of dishes you can easily create. If you’re looking for a way to make cooking easier, the Presto Kitchen Kettle may be just what you need.

Find out more about the Presto Kitchen Kettle multi-cooker or take a peek at the manual and recipe booklet to see just how this appliance works.

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  1. Hi,

    I used the critter for frying in oil but when the need to cut calories arose I stopped the frying in oil and the Kitchen Kettle sat, ignored, unused… surely lamenting its sitting useless but unable to cry out “Use me!!!.”

    Grabbing the dusty fellow I was ready to offer it for sale so went online to get the current price for a new one. Peering at various Web sites I realized as I should have before that Mr. Kitchen Kettle could still be of use by performing the other cooking operations not requiring immersion in fattening hot oil.

    So, here I am again, wandering the Web for ideas on how to ue the little critter. I anticipate some yummy vittles eating using the easy-to-clean critter.

    Happy munching!!!!

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