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When you think of country cooking, you probably remember a favorite homemade dish that one of your relatives prepared long ago. You simply cannot beat the great-taste of homemade dishes. When you couple this with heirloom recipes that are passed down from generation to generation, you have a combination that gives family meals special meaning.

After the loss of several family members, I browsed through my recipe box and realized how much their shared recipes mean to me. The family recipes, stories, and notes gave me a huge sense of comfort and family togetherness. These events inspired me to make my own personal cookbook.

I often gave a copy as a gift at holidays, bridal showers, and for graduation gifts, etc. After taking into account the busy schedules of most families today, I realized that this starter cookbook (plus extras) could help you remember and bond with your family as well.

My Country Cookin’ Basic Cookbook volume 1, the first in a series, is a 172 page cookbook package. It’s chock-full of beloved country cooking recipes like slow-cooker meatloaf, potato pancakes, fried green tomatoes, bread and butter pickles, fried okra, cold-oven pound cake, and more.

My Country Cooking Cookbook Basics Preview

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When you want to put family first but you’re running late and the family is “starving”, you can quickly whip up a no-fuss Chili Mac, mouth-watering Lasagna or creamy Stroganoff using the included Almost Dinner seasoning mixes. Nothing could be more simple!

Discover fresh ideas for turning traditional recipes into new family favorites such as slow-cooker Italian pork chops, watermelon rind pickles and Bavarian Mint coffee. Surprise your family with blue ribbon country cornbread dressing, rich pecan tassies or homemade butter that the kids can help you make.

Let’s take a look at a few recipes….

  • Almost Dinner Mixes: A staple for my family. This homemade blend of spices adds just the right flavor to many dishes. Throw away the boxed dinners and make them quickly at home with the help of these mixes.
  • Grits: If you’ve never tried grits, you don’t know what you’re missing. I’ve included 3 variations for this southern-country favorite, including a “Yankee-style” version.
  • Apple Fritters: Stop paying the donut man! This quick and easy recipe will have you making mouth-watering apple fritters in no time flat.
  • Salmon Casserole: Whether you prefer casseroles or patties, Salmon, Tuna or another type of fish, this great tasting recipe is easily made with your favorite meat.
  • Seven-Up Cake & Icing: While not completely from scratch, this moist rich desert recipe, from my granny, is perfect for potlucks. You can make it ahead of time and refrigerate so you have less stress and more time to visit the day of the gathering.

My Country Cookin’ Basic Cookbook vol. 1 is much more than just a standard recipe book. In addition to foolproof recipes for great meals, you’ll also get recipes for old-time (and non-toxic) favorites for controlling pests, making your own paint & glue and cleaning supplies. Some of these non-edible recipes are great for kids’ activities, too!

But, that’s not all! Let’s not forget the bonuses…

Personal family stories that go along with the recipes are what make family or heirloom recipes so meaningful. Peek into my life as I share some funny tidbits from my own family, while leaving room for you to add your own recipes and stories. This ability to customize allows you to make the My Country Cooking Cookbook series unique to your family and a great way to start your own heirloom recipe cookbook.

Printable organizers weren’t “a must” in your grandma’s day but the chances are high that Grandma wasn’t on the go as much as you are. To give you the time-saving advantage that she didn’t have, matching, printable dividers, to-do lists, shopping lists and other customizable pages have been included.

Country Cooking Basic Cookbook Package

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With all these items included in the basic cookbook, you can experience how easy it is to serve many of the country recipes that you enjoyed as a child. Remember the homemade chicken pie that grandma used to make? Or how about her secret 30-minute chili that tasted like she slaved over the hot stove all day? Can’t you almost taste the biscuits and syrup now?

Those delicious recipes and dishes are not just a memory or a thing of the past! You too can bring the magic, love, and comforting memories to your family dinner table, just like grandma every day, with these foolproof recipes.

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Don’t forget, as always, our cookbook comes with a 30 day, money back guarantee.

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