Kid Friendly Gingerbread House Decoration Ideas

Many families have a family tradition which includes making a gingerbread house and decorating it. Some families prefer to create gingerbread boys and girls or shaped sugar cookies. No matter which you do, you’ll find that the fun is in the decorating of these holiday delights. Here are some kid friendly gingerbread house decoration ideas to help you include this family fun in your holiday.

Making a gingerbread house for the holidays provides family fun and homemade decorations. You have a few options when it comes to how you make your gingerbread house. Either start from scratch, which may take more than a day to complete, or buy a Gingerbread House Kit, which includes all of the items you’ll need to build this holiday favorite. Whatever the choice, your kids will have a lot of fun making it. This is a perfect way for them to use their imagination and creativity.

If baking is not your thing, simply go out and get a gingerbread house kit. Kits come in a variety of styles. You can even get a SpongeBob SquarePants version! One of the great things about getting a kit is that you and the kids can spend more time decorating it. Putting the house together is pretty simple. Just follow the instructions given in the kit.

Kid Friendly No-Bake Gingerbread House

You may also want to make a small kid friendly gingerbread house. You can do this by “gluing” graham crackers to a small, foil wrapped, milk or juice carton. Either way, you will need edible glue to hold the pieces together. If you don’t already know how to make this “glue”, here’s the royal icing recipe. Make sure the icing is thick – like glue should be. Put it into a piping gun or bag, and you are set to go.

Gingerbread House Decorations

Once the house is built, you get to start on the fun part. Let the kids pick out the candy decorations to use to decorate the house, for example, gum drops, M&M’s, candy canes, or cookies.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Put some trees in front of the house. How about using pretzel sticks with green candy leaves attached?
  • Add food coloring into part of the glue to add color to your gingerbread house. Use the colored glue to outline the windows, roof, and other parts of the house.
  • Make gingerbread cookies as people and set them in front or inside of the house. Decorate the gingerbread cookies to give them a more personal touch.
  • Perhaps the kids would also want to add a chimney. Use licorice squares.
  • Add a gingerbread Santa cookie on the roof.
  • Want to add your family pet? Buy animal crackers and place them outside the house.
  • Take a graham cracker and pipe on the family name, or the names of the kids who decorated it. That’s a great personal touch.

There are so many ways with which kids can decorate a gingerbread house because their imagination is never-ending. The main thing is to provide the tools and then have fun doing it. Whether it is a small, medium or large gingerbread house, the possibilities are endless. Not only will they have fun, but it will be a learning experience as well. Be sure to take lots of pictures! This activity is bound to make wonderful memories for you and the children in the times to come.

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