Keep Cool in a Summer Kitchen

As the temperature outside increases, your desire to cook decreases. This isn’t due to lack of wanting to cook, but instead, the need to keep the home cool. If you’ve ever gone through a sizzling Georgia summer, you know just what I’m talking about. Why, even turning the lights on can make your kitchen feel like an oven! If you need some help to keep cool in a summer kitchen, we’ve got some great ideas for you!

Keeping the kitchen cool in the summer doesn’t hinge on eating a cold sandwich and fresh fruit every day. With the wide variety of cooking appliances to choose from, you can serve wonderful meals for your family without heating up the kitchen. Here are just a few to choose from.

Crockpot – They aren’t just for soups and stews. Slow cookers, or Crockpots, are great for recipes which typically take a long time to prepare. You can cook anything from lasagna to a small turkey in a crockpot. Since they generally cook at low temperatures, your kitchen and home are less likely to heat up.

Microwave – If getting in and out of the kitchen quickly is important to you, there’s nothing quite like the microwave. You can cook nearly anything in a microwave in much less time than conventional cooking.

Electric skillet – This appliance is often much larger than your typical skillet. You can usually prepare several servings of a food at one time which will mean you won’t add to the heat in the kitchen, and you can be finished in no time.

Wok – Oriental cooking is prepared at high temperatures in a wok but many foods are cooked for less time too. If you don’t have a wok, you can make similar meals using a normal skillet, or better yet, a deep electric skillet.

Pressure cooker – The pressure cooker was once a staple in every country kitchen. Misuse made many people afraid to use them but they are making a comeback! Because they cook food in less time and emit less heat than other methods, pressure cookers are a great solution for beating the summer heat in your kitchen.

Outdoor Grill – To keep your kitchen cool, strike a match and fire up the grill! You don’t have to stand in front of it while cooking. You can drag a chair under the nearest magnolia tree, sit in the shade, and sip cold ice tea, like I do. ;)

Another way to keep the kitchen cool this summer is to prepare meals early in the day. Plan to do the major part of your cooking early in the day while it is still cool. Once the cooked items are prepared, allow them to cool and place them in the refrigerator. When it’s time to eat, just microwave any of the dishes that need to be heated and serve.

Offer your family plenty of cold foods when the temperature soars. Cold fruit salads, pasta or bean salads, tossed green salads, vegetable trays and homemade ice cream are just a few of the dishes you could serve. What you would otherwise serve as a side dish could easily become a meal with just a few adjustments and they’re sure to keep the kitchen and your family cool on hot summer days.

No matter which of these methods you use to keep cool in a summer kitchen you’ll see that it’s not only possible to do, but it can also result in some delicious meals that are quick and easy!

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