Grilling with Kids &/files/includes/.css8211; A Cooking Unit

Kids really enjoy grilling with you. The problem is that the grill can be a bit dangerous, especially for the very young. However, there comes a time when telling them to go sit down is like throwing ice cold water on them.

This is when you have to take a deep breath and let them enjoy the &/files/includes/.css8220;fun&/files/includes/.css8221; as much as possible. You still have to be watchful and keep everyone safe but with the grilling with kids, cooking unit, you can teach the kids about grilling and even let them help you cook.

How do you manage that? Start with 5 yummy but basic, step-by-step, illustrated grilling recipes. Then come up with two groups of grilling related vocabulary words. Tailor reading, writing, math, science, and social studies activities to go with the grilling topic and write them down. In the next step, create multiple fun sheets that are also educational, especially if you&/files/includes/.css8217;re a homeschooling or un-schooling parent, grandparent, public school teacher or an educator of any kind. Not much more to do. Just prepare and grill the meal. Lastly, clean up.

Sound like a lot of work? It is! That&/files/includes/.css8217;s why we&/files/includes/.css8217;ve done everything but the cooking and clean-up for you! You&/files/includes/.css8217;ll just need to grab Grilling with Kids Cooking Unit (50+ pages), which contains:

  • 5 step by step, illustrated recipes
    • Chicken Kabobs
    • Italian Grilled Steaks
    • Grilled Corn in Husks
    • Grilled Potatoes
    • Grilled Summer Berries
  • Educational ideas and activities
  • Reading, writing, math, science, and social studies activities/ideas
  • 2 Grill related vocabulary lists
  • 2 Vocabulary word searches
  • 2 Vocabulary word scrambles
  • 30 images to use in sorting, sequencing, and other games

There are some grilling holidays just ahead. Get your kids into the swing of grilling by teaching the educational background information and allowing them to take a larger part in the grilling process. When you see the smile on their faces, you&/files/includes/.css8217;ll be so glad you did!

Pick up your Grilling with Kids Lessons now for just $18.47 USD

Don&/files/includes/.css8217;t forget, as always, our cookbook comes with a 30 day, money back guarantee.

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