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General FAQ

Can I use MyCountryCookin.com recipes and content on my site?

No. All of our content is copyrighted, you may not copy or duplicate any part of MyCountryCookin.com or its products, including descriptions, excerpts, recipes, images, etc. Doing so is copyright infringement and is illegal. We take copyright infringement very seriously and will take appropriate legal action against those who steal.

There is one exception. For affiliates and people who want to share info about Country Cooking Month with their readers, we have created special recipes and content We greatly appreciate you sharing these items with your readers in the form they are provided.

How do I become an affiliate?

Simply sign up for our affiliate program and watch for several emails which will guide you. Then visit the affiliate website at KitSingleton.com, where you will find all sorts of items to share with your readers.

Because we cover several topics important to families, in addition to cooking, you will see a wide variety of information on the affiliate site. When you sign up, you will be able to choose the topic specific updates that you want just by following the instructions in the emails.