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This website exists as part of a marketing and communications platform, Singleton Solutions, owned by Kit Singleton. As such, you will find posts about or related to our own or joint venture products and services. Obviously, we will receive compensation for the non-free products.

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We do participates in affiliate programs. In our effort to be transparent and honest, we only share affiliate products and resources that we have purchased (or would purchase) as a consumer. Because we do suggest affiliate products and services, you may find posts that include our affiliate links. If you purchase an item or visit a website by going through an affiliate link , our company may receive a referral commission or other compensation. The content and links may or may not be identified. If you&/files/includes/.css8217;re unsure if you are on one of the Singleton Solutions sites, look in the footer for the mention of Singleton Solutions or check the about page, where information about Kit Singleton should be.

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We may accept and keep free products or services, tickets, travel or other compensation. These will be clearly identified. We do accept advertising from Google Adsense advertisers. These are clearly identified with the text “Ads by Google”.

Business Practices

We realize that everyone&/files/includes/.css8217;s experience with a particular company or product is not the same. However, if and when an affiliate&/files/includes/.css8217;s business practices or products no longer meet our high standards, we may choose to discontinue sharing information about that company or its products.

Most of the products or services we write about, promote and recommend are those that we have purchased, used, and recommend. Some may be products or services that we would like to use. Regardless of compensation, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences associated with the product and or company. These opinions are our own. Any claims, statistics and quotes should be verified with the manufacturer or service provider.

General Info

Our main goal on this site is to provide you with information and resources that will make life easier or more enjoyable for you. However, another of our goals is to keep the lights on. So, to make things easier for you, assume that we receive some type of compensation from every link you click. Practically speaking, sometimes that compensation is just the good feeling that comes from helping others. ;)