Country Cooking Month

Country Cooking Month

You might be surprised at how much good old fashioned country cooking goes on during the warm summer months. When you take into account all the home gardens, it starts to make sense. There is a lot of country cooking to be done during the warm months! Not only do you prepare daily meals, you spend time canning and freezing items from the garden, as well as making all sorts of jellies, jams, preserves, pickles and relishes. Let’s not forget about all the barbecues, cookouts, and backyard grilling. With all this cooking going on, it’s no wonder why we chose June to be Country Cooking Month.

Country cooking means something different to everyone. To some it means good recipes and homemade meals. For others it means cooking with what you have on hand and being frugal. Still others associate country cooking with memories of sitting round the family table. There are even some people who still think country cooking means fatty, unhealthy foods or cooking methods are involved.

To those of you who think the latter…Honey, country cooking has gone high-tech and is no longer that artery-clogging, fat-filled, meal your great-great-grandmother served. Over the years, country cooking has changed a bit with each generation. As our needs and options have changed, country cooks have altered the recipes to accommodate newer cooking methods, foods, seasonings, serving ideas, and more. Although these changes have been made, you STILL get the awesome flavors and warm feelings as when your mom or grandmother made your favorite country cooking dishes.

If you have fond memories associated with country cooking or take advantage of canning, freezing or preserving, join us in our Country Cooking Month celebration! Here are a few things you can do to get into the country cooking spirit.

Country Cooking Month Family Participation Ideas

There are loads of things you can do at home to celebrate Country Cooking Month.

  • Heirloom Recipes – Get your favorite country cooking or heirloom recipe, update it for today’s cooking methods and needs. Adjust it to your tastes and share it with someone.
  • Scratch Cooking - Make, bake or cook something from scratch. This means no pre-made or boxed “starters or helpers”.
  • By-Hand Methods – Use old fashioned cooking tools to prepare a meal or if you don’t have any old fashioned tools, skip the mixer, blender, microwave, electric gadgets, etc (with the exception of a stove.)
  • Cast Iron Cooking – Cook something in a cast iron pan. Don’t have any cast iron? Buy or borrow one.
  • Catch and Cook – Although you don’t hunt and gather like long ago, you can go fishing and cook up a mess of fish along with some hush puppies and slaw.
  • “Remember When” Cooking - Cook a yummy dish you had as a child but have never cooked for your family.
  • Country and Frugal – Open the refrigerator door, create a meal from leftovers that will make your family and friends rave over your skills and request the recipe again and again.
  • Cook Outdoors – Break out the grill, smoker, or rough it and cook over an open fire.
  • From the Garden Cooking – Cook something straight from your own or a friend’s garden. If you don’t have a garden, visit your local farmer’s market.
  • Save It for Later – While you’re at the farmer’s market, purchase extra items to pickle, preserve, can, or freeze some things for later in the year. Don’t feel like you can do it alone? Ask a friend to help or you help a friend who already cans and preserves. They will appreciate it!
  • Your Country Cookbook – Compile all of your recipes into a cookbook that you can share with your family and friends.
  • Handwritten Recipes – Write each family member’s favorite recipes down and make a small booklet just for them. Trust me – it will mean a lot to them when they aren’t right there with you.

Country Cooking Month Business & Blogger Participation Ideas

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  • Get Readers Involved – Share your favorite “country” recipes or stories with your readers.
  • Country Cooking Meaning – Ask your readers what country cooking means to them.
  • Bonding With Country Cooking – Blog about how country cooking can help business owners bond with their families by cooking and eating together.
  • Saving Money – Write about how country cooking methods can save money.
  • Country Cooking Then and Now – Discuss how cooking has changed over the years. For example, talk about how grandma did things and how you do them today.
  • Frugal Cooking, Then and Now – Write about why (and how) great-grandma had to be thrifty and why we have to be thrifty today.
  • Business Lessons – Make a post about business lessons you can learn from country cooks (hint: creative and frugal). Check out Col. Sanders’ bio for more ideas.
  • Country Trader – Trade recipes with your co-workers, team members, or your business customers.
  • Country Cooking Covered Dish – Have a country cooking day at work or at a group meeting. Ask everyone to bring their favorite country dish to share.
  • Company or Organization Cookbook – Have employees (team members) contribute a country recipe to be published in a company cookbook. Give it away to customers in digital format.
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Country Cooking Month

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