Country Recipe Cards For Warm Holiday Drinks


As the holidays grow closer, food, family, friends, and gifts occupy our minds more and more often. To help us all relax, enjoy quiet times or our visitors, I usually whip up warm holiday drinks that even the kids enjoy. I call them Country Warmers and you can get the latest country recipe cards for warm holiday drinks right here. Since sharing with others is part of … [Read more...]

Free Peter Rabbits Family Recipes eBook For Kids

Recently I added a recipe for a yummy garden salad. What started out as making myself a salad has turned into a cool resource, just for you. As I said before, I made myself a salad. Then I decided to share it with you and based the recipe name on Peter Rabbit (see previous post to find out why.) After posting, the gears began to turn. Did you see the smoke? ;) The … [Read more...]