Covered Dish Ideas for Your Potluck or Reunion


When trying to come up with covered dish ideas for your potluck or reunion, steer clear of foods such as deviled eggs, potato salad and desserts unless your host expressly asked you to bring these items. There is usually an overabundance of these no-brainer covered dishes at any given large group gathering. The next time you need to take a covered dish to a potluck or … [Read more...]

How to Travel with Food


Do you travel to family reunions or covered-dish events several times a year? If so, knowing how to travel with food is a must. It's not as easy as you might think. You have to decide whether the hot or cold travel method is best based on travel time and dish type. To help you make the decision, keep these basic concepts in mind. Hot air rises, while cold air falls. … [Read more...]

4th of July Make Ahead Food Ideas


Are you planning to host a picnic or entertain on Independence Day? These 4th of July make-ahead food ideas can really give you an edge. By making some of the food up to a week before the big day, you'll be able to relax and enjoy yourself more than you ever have!  Here are a few suggestions to help you get everything ready well before the first steak hits the … [Read more...]

Summer Food Safety


Summer food safety is very important. When preparing and cooking food during the summer months, there are a few basic rules for making sure the food is safe to eat. All purchased foods have been handled by a number of people before it reaches your kitchen counter. Therefore, the contamination risks are much higher than if you grow and process the foods yourself. That … [Read more...]

Cool Foods to Beat the Summer Heat


The summer heat not only saps our strength but also our appetites! Sometimes it's all we can do to get a sandwich or green salad down. But what in the heck to you eat when you're tired of sandwiches and green salads? You consider preparing these cool foods to beat the summer heat. Get your inspiration from south of the border. Flour tortillas can be used for many … [Read more...]

Keep Cool in a Summer Kitchen


As the temperature outside increases, your desire to cook decreases. This isn’t due to lack of wanting to cook, but instead, the need to keep the home cool. If you've ever gone through a sizzling Georgia summer, you know just what I'm talking about. Why, even turning the lights on can make your kitchen feel like an oven! If you need some help to keep cool in a summer … [Read more...]

Best Woodchips for Cooking Meat on the BBQ Grill

mesquite wood chips

Wood chips can add distinct flavors to your foods. Although you can use almost any type of wood chip with the meat you grill, some chips will work better with a particular meat. The best wood chips for cooking meat on the BBQ grill are listed below. When beef is your meat of choice, you may want to use either mesquite, oak or cherry wood chips to give it a unique flavor … [Read more...]