Easy Meal Planning For Busy Moms


Trying to cook with kids underfoot is hard enough, but when you're in a rush and totally unprepared, it's chaos at its worst. But it doesn't have to be that way... Meal planning allows you to have meals planned for each day of the week and all the ingredients that you need to make them on hand. So when meal time rolls around, you don't have to rush around hoping there … [Read more...]

Holiday Turkey Cookbook


Add Variety To Holiday Turkey And Leftovers The turkey is a family favorite during Thanksgiving and Christmas. If your family is like mine, they love the traditional holiday bird; however, the same old turkey recipes can get boring. Sometimes the family wants something that's just a little different. Mind you, they don't want a turkey so different that it's a shock to … [Read more...]

My Country Cookin Basic Cookbook


When you think of country cooking, you probably remember a favorite homemade dish that one of your relatives prepared long ago. You simply cannot beat the great-taste of homemade dishes. When you couple this with heirloom recipes that are passed down from generation to generation, you have a combination that gives family meals special meaning. After the loss of several … [Read more...]