Bagels and Eggs Potluck Casserole

few eggs in a basket

Looking for a unique potluck dish to take to a reunion or gathering? Try this bagels and eggs casserole. Yes, it's often served for breakfast but you'd be surprised at how many people eat breakfast for evening or mid-day meals. Since many people skip or eat a quick breakfast, they crave these types of recipes at different mealtimes. Besides all of that, since the main &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Mother&/files/includes/.css8217;s Day Strawberry French Toast Breakfast

french toast stuffed sm

Mothers always seem to be doing something for the family, yet they seldom take time out for themselves. When looking for a present for mom, the best gift you can give is your time. Consider making her a special breakfast that she doesn't have to cook, serve, or clean up after. Show her how much you care by making this easy Mother's Day strawberry french toast breakfast &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]