Doughnut Holes Recipe For Everyday Or Holidays


Finally, a good doughnut holes recipe. As a child, I loved doughnut holes from the fair and couldn't wait to get them each year. Now, I don't have to wait to get them and neither do you. Try this doughnut holes recipe for everyday or holiday snacks. Don't forget that they can be decorated for super Halloween snacks and Christmas parties or any celebration. Ingredients: &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Leftover Turkey And Rice Meal


What do you do with leftover turkey? You serve it with rice and vegetables! After you've used all the sliced turkey in other meals and sandwiches, you still have the little jibbles, or small pieces, of turkey to deal with. This warm leftover turkey and rice meal is a great recipe choice for those little bits of turkey that aren't large enough for other dishes and recipes. &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Wormy Dirt Halloween Snack Treat


Many kids love Halloween because of the "gross factor." They like to see adults squirm, especially Moms and teachers. This basic Wormy Dirt Halloween Snack is great for young kids because it isn't too gross. However, let a teenager's imagination go wild with the optional ingredients and it could get pretty yucky, which means they'll love it! Ingredients: Chocolate &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Pumpkin Soup Recipe


This pumpkin soup recipe is one of the favorite fall recipes for many people. This is partly because it's just delicious but it's also because of frugality. I'm almost sure my frugal country cooking ancestors frowned every time I threw away the pumpkin flesh after scooping out a jack-o-lantern. Pumpkin soup has helped me serve my family delicious meals while sticking &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Caramel Apple Frog Warts And Gruesome Halloween Goodies


Part of the fun of Halloween is eating weird food that's really normal, like Frog Warts Caramel Apples and other gruesome Halloween goodies. With a little imagination, you can make these caramel apples as gruesome as cute as you'd like. All it takes is a few decorations, some really yucky or suggestive names, and this recipe. This recipe is great for Halloween parties, &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Colorful Rice and Garden Vegetable Salad

Salad-rice,peas,peppers sm

This colorful rice and garden vegetables salad recipe is just perfect for hot summer days. Summers in Georgia can be scorching. On these days, I avoid the stove and anything else that gives off heat like the plague. As a result, my family gets cool dishes and salads at meal time. Sometimes the salads contain meat but other times they don't. This works out great because the &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Chicken Salad With Strawberries

Salad-Spinach Strawberry sm

Chicken salad with strawberries breaks the salad monotony. Many people get bored with salads because they eat the same old salads time after time. What they don't realize is it's not that they are tired of salads but that they need a variety of salads with different ingredients and dressings. There are loads of healthier greens that can (and should) replace the standard &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]