Cool Drinks For Outdoor Entertaining


Are you planning a cookout or get together this spring? Don't forget to include a variety of cool drinks for outdoor entertaining. Even when it's not extremely hot outdoors, you can still become dehydrated, especially if games or physical activities are involved. Here are a few cool drink ideas that will help to make your cookout, party, or any outdoor event a huge &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Royal Icing Recipe For Gingerbread House Or Sugar Cookies


Making and decorating gingerbread houses, gingerbread cookies, and sugar cookies provides a lot of holiday fun, even for the youngest family member. If you haven't done any of this since childhood (or ever), this is the year to give it a try. Here is a super easy royal icing recipe, also known as edible glue, to use on your gingerbread houses as the mortar or on holiday &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Mother&/files/includes/.css8217;s Day Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe


This Mother's Day fresh fruit salad recipe will give Mom something special to remember. This fruit salad can be prepared at breakfast, as a side dish at lunch, or as a dessert after dinner. Almost any fruit can be used but our favorite fruit salad combination includes pineapple, watermelon, peaches, and berries.  Although kids will need a little help cutting and slicing &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Peter Rabbit Garden Salad Recipe

peter rabbit garden salad

Every year as spring and Easter roll around, I think about bunny rabbits. It's partially because of the Easter bunny but it's mostly due to reading Peter Rabbit as a child. In the story, Peter got hungry and visited Mr. McGregor's garden for a little snack, only it turned into more than a snack. It became a full meal, which is exactly what happened to me. As I made my &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Leprechaun Potato Candy Recipe


Whether you are celebrating Irish Heritage Month and St. Patrick's Day, or are just looking for something to do with leftover mashed potatoes, this recipe for Leprechaun Potato Candy may be just what you need. It's a great recipe to use when cooking with kids because if you're using leftovers, all the cooking has been done. Another thing that gives it kid appeal is that &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]