Grilled Personal Pizza


Make grilled personal pizzas to get kids excited about grilling outdoors. As the summer wears on and you've grilled out every week or so, you may be running out of ideas for things to grill. To give the kids and adults a break from the traditional hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, and steaks, grill personal pizzas! This basic recipe is a welcome change when hosting a backyard &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Grilling Vegetables Marinade


The healthiest part of a meal, the veggies, is often overlooked. Flame kissed with a slightly smoky flavor, marinaded grilled vegetables can become the best part of the grilling experience. Delicious! You know what vegetables you like but how can you add flavor to them? You marinade them of course! Here are some tips and marinade recipes to help you add more vegetables to &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Grilled Turkey and Cucumber Burger


For a twist to your cookout, try using something besides ground beef. Turkey has become a popular choice in health food circles and this grilled turkey and cucumber burger is a perfect alternative to the traditional beef burger. For an extra special "turkey burger" serve it on Pita bread or in a wrap. Ingredients: 1 pound of ground turkey ½ of an onion, diced ¾ &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Grilled Blue Cheese Burger Recipe


There are almost as many recipes for burgers as there are people. Yet, somehow when you're trying to think of a way to add zip to your burgers, you may find that you just can't come up with a good recipe off the top of your head. For those times, you need to have this grilled blue cheese burger recipe in your box. If you want to create this burger but find that you &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Nutty Broccoli and Feta Burgers


Whether you want to be more health conscious or get the kids to eat more broccoli by slipping it into a burger, this nutty broccoli and feta burger is a great grilling recipe to add to your ever-growing collection. In case your kids just "can't like" the broccoli inside the burgers, you may want to make some burgers without it, serving it raw and on the side &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Grilled Steaks With Fiery Flavor

Ribeyes grilling sm

Try grilled steaks with a fiery flavor to make your steak dinner something special. If you grill often, you are probably tired of just throwing the steaks on the grill and serving them when they're done. There are lots of things you can do to liven up your steaks. For example you can use a variety of rubs, marinades, and sauces. If you like hot and spicy flavors, you may &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]

Grilled Vegetables With Mustard Butter

grilled potatoes peppers squash sm

You may be one of the millions of people who enjoys grilling, steaks, ribs, burgers and other meats. However, if you haven't made vegetables a frequent part of your grilling experience, you are missing out! Grilled fresh vegetables have a wonderful flavor and you can add other complimentary flavors which enhance them. Here is a simple recipe for grilled vegetables with &/files/includes/.cssx02026; [Read more...]