Lesson Plans and Recipes for Labor Day Cookout


Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer for many. It also presents the perfect time for a last hurrah that includes a cookout. Since a big part of this holiday involves spend time with family, make sure you really get the kids involved! Teach the kids about Labor Day, grilling, and summer cookouts. Let them help with grilling or preparing other recipes for the … [Read more...]

Grilling with Kids – A Cooking Unit


Kids really enjoy grilling with you. The problem is that the grill can be a bit dangerous, especially for the very young. However, there comes a time when telling them to go sit down is like throwing ice cold water on them. This is when you have to take a deep breath and let them enjoy the "fun" as much as possible. You still have to be watchful and keep everyone safe … [Read more...]

Easter Lunch Cooking with Kids Unit


One of the best ways to bond with your children during Easter is by letting them help prepare the meal. To keep you from shying away from this fun activity during holidays, we have something to help make the time more meaningful as well as educational - Easter lunch cooking lessons for kids! Our Easter lunch cooking lessons for kids pack contains 3 illustrated … [Read more...]