4th of July Make Ahead Food Ideas

Are you planning to host a picnic or entertain on Independence Day? These 4th of July make-ahead food ideas can really give you an edge. By making some of the food up to a week before the big day, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself more than you ever have!  Here are a few suggestions to help you get everything ready well before the first steak hits the grill.

Begin by creating a budget for your event. Choose which foods you will serve and decide which ones can be prepared beforehand. Try to determine a schedule to begin making the food so you have very little to do the actual day of the fourth.

Pre-marinade any meats you will grill. This will infuse the meat with the flavors of the marinade. You can also use different types of soaked wood chips to give the food more flavor.

If guests will be bringing items to the party, you may want to ask them to provide beverages and desserts. This will allow you to be in charge of both the main dishes and vegetables so you can ensure the foods are kept at the right temperature. You just can’t have the party-goers getting sick because someone didn’t plan.

Potato salad, cole slaw and deviled eggs are made with mayonnaise and eggs and are common 4th of July fare. If you choose to make these, prepare them a day ahead of time and keep them refrigerated until right before the meal begins. Once everyone has had their fill, pop them back into the refrigerator.

Other salads which can be made without eggs or mayonnaise would be better options. Three bean salad, pasta salad, non-dairy salad dressings for a tossed salad and gelatin salads are some foods to consider serving.

For dessert, rather than having something made with dairy products, try fried fruit pies. These can be made several days in advance, kept in the refrigerator and then reheated and enjoyed the day of the fourth. You may also want to consider making homemade ice cream during the meal to serve with the fried pies when it is time for dessert.

Take the necessary precautions to ensure the food being served is kept hot if it is supposed to be hot or cold if it should be cold. The danger zone for food is between 40 and 140 degrees. If cold foods get above 40 degrees bacteria which can cause food poisoning may begin forming. The same is true if hot foods fall below 140 degrees.

When planning a 4th of July picnic or cookout, make as much food ahead of time as you can. Hopefully, with these 4th of July make ahead food ideas you will be able to spend more time socializing with guests and less time working!

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