My Country Cookin Basic Cookbook

When you think of country cooking, you probably remember a favorite homemade dish that one of your relatives prepared long ago. You simply cannot beat the great-taste of homemade dishes. When you couple this with heirloom recipes that are passed down from generation to generation, you have a combination that gives family meals special meaning. After the loss of several family members, I browsed through my recipe box … [Read More...]

June is Country Cooking Month

Recent Country Cooking Recipes


Old Fashioned Country Cornbread Recipe

Nothing says "country cooking served here" like offering fluffy, golden-brown cornbread to eat with a meal. To bring friends and family together like in the good old days, whip up a pan or two of cornbread to go with your next … [Read More...]


Old Fashioned Macaroni and Cheese Potluck

Among the best country cooking recipes, you'll find at least one for old-fashioned macaroni and cheese. If you need to celebrate Country Cooking Month or take a covered dish to take to a family reunion or potluck dinner, go with this … [Read More...]

few eggs in a basket

Bagels and Eggs Potluck Casserole

Looking for a unique potluck dish to take to a reunion or gathering? Try this bagels and eggs casserole. Yes, it's often served for breakfast but you'd be surprised at how many people eat breakfast for evening or mid-day meals. Since … [Read More...]


Grilled Personal Pizza

Make grilled personal pizzas to get kids excited about grilling outdoors. As the summer wears on and you've grilled out every week or so, you may be running out of ideas for things to grill. To give the kids and adults a break from the … [Read More...]


Grilling Vegetables Marinade

The healthiest part of a meal, the veggies, is often overlooked. Flame kissed with a slightly smoky flavor, marinaded grilled vegetables can become the best part of the grilling experience. Delicious! You know what vegetables you like … [Read More...]

Notes from the Country Kitchen


Reunion or Covered Dish Dinners on a Budget

Family reunions and covered dish dinners usually require large amounts of food. If you're organizing the event, make it easy on yourself. Enlist the help of others, especially where the food is concerned. Since cost is more of a … [Read More...]


How to Travel with Food

Do you travel to family reunions or covered-dish events several times a year? If so, knowing how to travel with food is a must. It's not as easy as you might think. You have to decide whether the hot or cold travel method is best … [Read More...]


4th of July Make Ahead Food Tips

Are you planning to host a picnic or entertain on Independence Day? These 4th of July make-ahead food ideas can really give you an edge. By making some of the food up to a week before the big day, you'll be able to relax and enjoy … [Read More...]


Summer Food Safety

Summer food safety is very important. When preparing and cooking food during the summer months, there are a few basic rules for making sure the food is safe to eat. All purchased foods have been handled by a number of people before … [Read More...]